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  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2022-06-21)
    The success of cooperatives is encapsulated in good governance principles, key among them member participation, representation and fair and transparent elections. This is espoused by Cooperative Principle #2: Democratic ...
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2022-11-01)
    According to Cooperative Principle #5, “Cooperatives provide education and training for their members, elected representatives, managers and employees so they can contribute effectively to the development of their cooperatives. ...
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2022-06-13)
    June 16 is the International Domestic Workers Day, when we honour. The ILO Convention 189 defines domestic work as “work performed in or for a household or households”. It includes a range of tasks—like house cleaning, ...
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2021-10-19)
    The cost of accessing healthcare in Kenya is way beyond what many can afford, even with the government including universal health coverage (UCH) in the government’s ‘Big Four Agenda’. Even with insurance, many families ...
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2022-10-04)
    Resilience has come into focus due to several large-scale events—from the economic crisis to Covid-19 and now climate change. These disrupt global-level systems and influence community-level responses. Do cooperatives ...
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2022-05-03)
    A worker-owner cooperative is owned and self-managed by the workers using an established democratic governance structure where decisions are made either directly by every worker-owner or through an elected management. 
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2022-01-18)
    What you need to know: If KFC cannot, for proprietary reasons, tell farmers their requirements, how would they engage? Does the farmer proceed through trial and error until KFC gives the thumbs-up?
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2022-04-19)
    A fortnight ago (Daily Nation, April 5, 2022), I argued that matatus and boda bodas should be organised into transport service cooperatives rather than saccos. As if on cue, on April 6, 2022, the Commissioner of Cooperatives ...
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2021-12-21)
    Kenya’s annual demand for housing is 200,000 and 300,000 units in urban and rural areas respectively. The country will need 2.9 million units in a decade, or 290,000 per year, which far exceeds current supply.
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2023-01-03)
    The 13th African Ministerial Cooperative Conference concluded in Egypt with a declaration committing the ministers to a 13-point agenda that will be the focus of cooperative development in Africa for the next three years.
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2022-02-15)
    What you need to know: Platform cooperatives have the potential to radically transform cooperative enterprises. Lessons from emerging experiments in the cooperative platform economy across the world should be ...
  • Maichuhie, Kamau (Nation Media Group, 2022-12-12)
    When Prof Esther Njoki Gicheru completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture at the University of Nairobi in 1976, she looked forward to pursuing a fulfilling career. The fresh graduate was over the moon when ...
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2022-02-01)
    What you need to know: The groups facilitated economic participation, marshalling collective labour force for farming activities. They freely organised themselves in terms of when, where and how they worked. ...
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2023-05-02)
    In the past week, the Kenya Society of Professional Cooperators held its annual general meeting. On the agenda was election of leaders. Like the professional body, election of leaders for the cooperatives is a regular agenda item.
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2021-11-02)
    The 2019 census recorded a men-to-women ratio of 49.5:50.5 among the population of 47.6 million. But that is reflected in other statistical indicators. Despite Kenya ranking top in cooperatives in Africa and seventh globally, ...
  • K'Onyango,   Onyango (Nation Media Group, 2022-10-14)
    The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Co-operative Development, Research and Innovation) of Cooperative University of Kenya Professor Isaac Nyamongo on Wednesday won the prestigious International Cooperative Champion award for 2022.
  • Nyamongo, Isaac K. (Nation Media Group, 2023-02-07)
    The average age of the agricultural cooperative member, now 61, has gradually increased over the years. Coupled with rising rural-to-urban migration, the resultant imbalance is a harbinger of food scarcity in the not-so-distant ...

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